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We are a faith-based, non-profit television program that shares stories of people on how God has changed their lives.

Producers of Influence Living

As a unique father-and-son team, Bruce and Wade Mumm, have teamed up bringing with them over sixty years of professional and ministry experience to produce the original programming of “Influence Living.”

Bruce A. Mumm was raised in Nebraska in the United States and has lived the last thirty-five years abroad in both Thailand and Australia. He is an ordained minister and holds a Master’s Degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO. Mumm has authored several books and is a sought after speaker. As the founder of the Priority Television Network, Inc. in Australia, Mumm has has produced “Influence Living’s” sister program “Priority One” for fifteen years. Currently, “Priority One” is a weekly broadcast Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Wade B. Mumm, Ph.D. was raised in Thailand and has worked several years in broadcasting and public relations in the USA and abroad. He is a television producer, pastor, professor, and author. His book “A Dad’s Many Hats” is available on this website. Mumm holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, in Virginia Beach, VA and specializes in organizational communication and broadcasting. Additionally, as a former U.S. Army Reserve commissioned officer, he has served in various leadership positions reaching the rank of Captain during his time in the military. Mumm may be contacted at 407.761.9298 or at